CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 132

Its really so hard to think about how to make a card for these challenges. And looking at the cards the design team, though do get me inspired to make one, also drag me down, since in my head, I already know that I can’t beat any of them! Ah, but practice does make one perfect! Maybe a few years down the lane, even I might do something that would surprise myself!

But for now, I’ll make do with this card 😉

CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 132

The challenge – CFC132 – “Create a Guy card with the following catch…you can’t use kraft as a color at all, AND you have to include some sort of ribbon.”

And somehow, the chevron pattern ribbon I had stuck in my mind. I dug up all the pattern paper I had to see which one would match the ribbon. And finally used one from DCWV. When I finished, the piece was looking too – plain. I thought of adding something extra – and used the stencils. These are stencils we have at home since the time I went to school. In fact, I don’t even remember if I’ve ever used them in my school-days! Nevertheless, they have finally been put to some use 🙂

CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 132 (close up 1)

I traced out the sentiment between each ribbon I had pasted on the piece and drew a star between each repeated word (not many repetitions there, though!) using color pencils. And finally traced the main sentiment piece also using the same stencil and a lighter color pencil and traced it with a black marker.

CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 132 (close up 2)

I also added the bow after adhering the piece to the card base.

I am glad I could use the ribbon for both the background and as the main piece in this card. 🙂 Its made me think of a new way of using ribbons!

Thanks for looking!


A Runway Challenge of my own!

I had wanted to submit an entry for the last Runway Inspired Challenge. But, since I was out of ideas, and when finally was able to make a card, time was out, and the submission links were closed! So, I tried making a Runway Challenge of my own! 😀

I took this image for inspiration: This dress caught my eye in Pinterest for its pretty color mix, and the flowers – white roses with black leaves!

8f25f7fb8214d962e061141245ad6e94 - Copy

And this is my card:

A Runway Challenge Of My Own!

I wish I could have added some leaves into the card, behind the flowers, maybe; but I just couldn’t think of how to do it 😦

A Runway Challenge Of My Own! (close up 1)

A Runway Challenge Of My Own! (close up 2)

I do have another idea. I shall update the post as soon as I finish the card!

Till then!

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps

Just the other night I dreamed about this fantastic card – using watercolors and some black ink. It was so vivid, and I remember thinking, even in my sleep, that I had to remember this and make it as soon as I get the chance – or at least jot it down somewhere so that I don’t forget it. And guess what – I didn’t remember the half of it when I woke up! (Arrrghh!!) The only thing I remembered was, yes, that it had watercolor and black ink! 😀

Well, instead, I have brought to life two of the ideas that I had while awake!

The first one is using up parts left-over pieces from another card I had made for a friend’s birthday. I use the term parts, not scraps (even though the title does!) here, since they weren’t exactly scraps – I had known that I can use them to make another card as they were – you’ll know when you see the card below –

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 1

Yes, I am talking about the pattern paper! I had cut them from three different pieces, such that they overlapped when cutting and so, after making two cards, I still have one more set to make a fresh card from! Howzzat! 🙂

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 1 (close up 1)

I have water-colored the grey part in the background since I didn’t have any of the same color. The butterflies are sequins! Yeah, big, butterfly sequins! 🙂 The only thing I am sad about here is that the ribbon has stuck a bit wavy. 😦

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 1 (close up 2)

The second card is using embossing paste with watercolor over it.

As usual, what I really thought of was different (though not completely off). I had thought of using the modelling paste and applying some gold ink on top of it. I also thought of adding a few drops of red here and there. The only thing I didn’t think of was the color of the card base. And there starts the story!

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 2

After I completely dried up the modelling paste and added the gold on top, I realized that it wasn’t looking that good and instantly realized that I should have used a black card base! 😦 Well, as one of my favorite stamper always says, don’t throw anything, improvise! And so I did. I painted over the entire thing in black watercolor. I saw that the gold pigment ink hadn’t dried and was actually coming off here and there! Oh, how much worse could it get!

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 2 (close up 1)

But while it was drying, I realized that it wasn’t actually looking that bad, and decided to add some red (to all that mess!). When the entire thing dried out, I even saw that the gold had spread out throughout and had made the entire surface shimmery (you can barely see that in the photo)! Wow! Yay!

Embossing Paste and Watercolor and Using up Scraps 2 (close up 2)

I had to trim the sides a bit. And then I started wondering about what to place the piece on. Finally decided on a gold border and gold sprayed white card base – used gold acrylic paint for both. And I actually love how it has turned out! 🙂

On to the next idea! 🙂 Thanks for looking!

M is for Mother, M is for May

May is the month invariably dedicated to my Mother this year, having both Mother’s day and her birthday! 🙂

So here are the cards that I made for the my lovely Ma, who means so much to me –

Mother’s day


Using pattern papers mostly for the base, and die-cut vellum for the flowers (does it look like vellum?!) and added some glitter on top. Fuzzy cut the label and the heart and wrote the sentiment on it. I had a hard time making that tiny heart – I wanted it to have some dimension, but didn’t know how to get it – and its been so long, I don’t even remember what all techniques I used! 😀

Ma’s birthday

I had a gala time trying watercolors and Copics for coloring the flowers on this one. and after I had done gathering all the elements, I still felt something was missing and was holding back to adhere everything. I started going through all the stuff I had with me – and that’s when the golden mesh on the side came into picture! I felt that completed the card! 🙂 Hmm.. though, would it have been better if had made it as long as the pattern paper on top…I wonder…

Until next time then…thanks for looking! 🙂

Another one for CSC 191

And this time..watercolors!!

Another one for CSC 191

I remember using this in my childhood – pour watercolors on paper, and blow! And beautiful effects too! So, this time, I am using the same technique to make a card!

Another one for CSC 191 (close up 1)

I also used washi tape for my assitance 😛 And more watercolor for the sentiment (the black one is a marker thought :P)

Another one for CSC 191 (close up 2)

And bonus – its so easy to make, and takes so little time!

Submission: Case Study Challenge: Case Study 191

Thanks for looking!

CFC131: Three Thirds


Again using another one of the stamps that I haven’t used. 🙂 Somehow gives me a great pleasure in using these, that I didn’t even know how to use (but bought them, nevertheless! :P)

Simple card (can I consider it as a single layer card, I wonder?) Using stamps on the top layer and pattern paper adhered on the cad base.


After stamping the circles, dots and the sentiment, I kept wondering what would complete it – and took a chance and drew the (somewhat) border/window. And I love the end-effect!

I am submitting this for the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 131: Three Thirds

Thanks for looking!

CAS(E) this Sketch #76 – Noble Damask

So this time, I though of pulling out some of the stamps that I have not used in some time (not that I have so many in my collection :P)

Noble Damask

For this card, I used a big, beautiful damask pattern from Inkadinkado and stamped it with white pigment ink over a piece of paper with the navy blue colored using Copic Marker. I die cut the butterflies from vellum and finally adhered some sequins on the butterflies, the damask pattern, and then some more randomly. 🙂

I am submitting this card for CAS(E) this Sketch #76

Thanks for looking!