Another for Runway Inspired Challenge #61

For some time now, I’ve wanted to make a card with red, black and white colors. I wasn’t coming up with any good ides – and since I wasn’t continuously on it – I hadn’t come up with a card.

Since the RIC this time was exactly this, a combination of red, black and white, it finally inspired me to come up with some thing!

My previous post takes care of the colors, but this time, along with the colors, I am going for the design too!

Runway Inspired Challenge #61

I have used the assistance from stencils this time! I tried out the inks on a scrap paper (something I rarely do) and the stencil’s design with inks before using them for the card.


My basic idea was to achieve a layered effect with 3 layers, with the stenciling on all of them. I tried to ensure that the stenciling seems continuous on all the layers (its also there on the white, but that doesn’t shoe properly in the photos).

I also applied the same stencil on the sentiment piece, along with bordering with some ink.

This design is something I never thought I would do! I normally would not have liked cutting both sides of the piece, and even then, making the cuts so deep. But still, I like the effect achieved here. Even the fact that they are fuzzy cuts adds to the overall effect. Love!

Thanks for looking!

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