Art Journal: Stuck On Circle Flowers

Somehow, I can’t seem to get circle flowers out of my head! One of my previous journals here also had a circle flower theme. But they look soo pretty!! Well, I guess no one’s gonna complain if I make some more, right! 😉

Art Journal

This time, I cut out a piece of foam sheet in a circular shape to stamp flowers on in various distress inks and then added the outlines in color different from the colors (but the same color set) using a bottle cap. After this I cut out another piece of foam in the shape of a leaf and used that to stamp the shapes in some brighter colors on a scrape piece of paper.

Art Journal (close-up #1)

While this was drying, I added the colors to the rest of the paper. I also added filled it using second generation stamping & repeat stamping, and added the curly designs, the diamond lines like so. I also stamped in the insects at a random.

Art Journal (close-up #2)

While this was drying, I fuzzy cut the leaf-like shapes from the scrap paper and stuck them on the center of the flowers using some foam dots, making them point in different directions. I also drew the stalk and some leaves using a black pen.

I really like these circle flowers, but I also hope to get in some new ideas in the journal…Well, happy for now at least! 🙂

Thanks for looking!


Scrapbook Page?

This time’s journal has become something like a scrapbook page!

I really love creating scrapbook pages, but mostly find that I lack the patience to complete an entire page – not that I have the budget to buy all that stuff I would like to have if I was making one either! 😦 So, I found an alternative! 🙂 –

Scrapbook Art Journal

I have used, again, some tags that came with the clothes I bought – I’ve been wanting to use them on some cards, but somehow, unable to come up with a good idea, they had been just lying around. And so, I thought of using them here. 🙂

Scrapbook Art Journal (close-up #1)

I created the background by using some shades of distress inks, and stamping some splotches of distress inks again to create that ‘old and shabby’ paper with some coffee stains look.

Scrapbook Art Journal (close-up #2)

While adding the details around the tags, I tried to match up the colors – going for mainly black, brown and red. And I also tried to uniformly distribute the colors around the page.

Scrapbook Art Journal (close-up #3)

The rest of the embellishments are pretty simple – mostly punched butterflies and flowers, cut out of the same textured paper. 🙂 The one sticker embellishment came from one of my pattern paper sets, I wish I had more stickers…But, since this is one of those ‘one off’ cases, guess its ok 🙂

Thanks for looking!

Papa’s Birthday Card

Its time for another family celebration – my Papa’s Birthday is right around the corner. So here’s the card for the beloved man –

Papa's Birthday Card (2014)

This card is from a sudden inspiration I got as soon as I woke up in the morning (and I had to try real hard not to get the image out of my mind! ;))

I made the background by first adding an stamped image and adding clear embossing on it, then applied some distress ink on top and sprayed the card stock copiously with water + perfect pearls (you can see the shine in the below image! :D). I set it aside to dry.

After this I cut three pieces of pattern paper and die cut the butterfly pieces out of it – I used the bigger butterfly piece to die cut the smaller butterfly!

Papa's Birthday Card (close-up)

Once the background piece was dry, I ironed it off to remove the embossing and adhered the pattern paper stripes, aligning them to form a crisscross pattern and also added the handwritten sentiment piece with the other two pieces. I finally adhered the jute string and adhered the bow to the pattern paper below. Once this was dry, I adhered the whole piece on the card base.

I also made a matching envelope!

Envelope - Papa's Birthday Card (2014)

Hope you liked looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! Thanks for looking!

For the three Rs – Here’s reuse!

I used to watch ‘Captain Planet’ when I was a kid – and still remember the three R’s preached in the show. And we try our best in my family to reuse as much as possible. So, when we do it in all the other places, why not try recycling in a card too!? 😀

Here’s a card I made using some tags that were came with some clothes we bought yesterday –

The 3 Rs - Card with Reused material

The peacock figures came in as is – the two sides of the tag had opposing colors – I cut off some prints off them and added the eyelets. I had cut the stripes of blue pattern for another card, but didn’t use – so I used it here.

The 3 Rs - Card with Reused material (Close-up)

I particularly liked the fact that two clashing colors – red and the smoky blue are working together well in this card – I hadn’t expected them to go so well. Turned out to be a simple yet unique card! 😀

Thanks for looking!

Inlaid die cut card

I am a lazy person by nature. I just don’t want to do stuff which seems difficult, if I can avoid them. And so, I’ve been avoiding making card using inlaid die cuts for this long. Well, there’s also another reason – never thought I own any dies that I could use for this technique. I don’t know what drove me to make this today, but I am very glad I did. Its made me realize just how strenuous an activity this is! I had thought it would take time, but actually doing it, I was tired, tired, tired!

The worst part of it is that the finished card does not show all the effort – I mean, there might have to be a note written behind the card saying that the pieces were painstakingly put together, one-by-one!! Well, even with all that complaining, I still love the card! 🙂 It has become of of my favourite techniques too, albeit I will probably not use it so much. Hat’s off to all those card-makers out there who have the guts to use this technique time and again!

And now that all my ranting is over, here’s the actual card –

Inlaid Die-cut Card

I had not thought of the colors I would use in this card – just decided on blue and green on a whim – thank god I had the card stock with the right hues! 😀 Also, I had wanted the card to consist of only the die cuts, and one sentiment in below that. The reason I have the ribbon? – I made a mistake! While I was adding the adhering the card stock, I actually pasted the wrong side up – I had pulled some paper while I was applying the adhesive there, and wanted the other side on top, but didn’t notice it till late – so I had to add something there. 😦

Inlaid Die-cut Card (close-up)

Yay for owning something that suits the overall layout! I pulled out this piece of ribbon and added it across – but I still didn’t know where to add the sentiment. I even debated on making this a horizontal card with the sentiment coming over the ribbon from the side, but that would have covered a portion of the die-cut also, which I didn’t want. And I finally decided on adding it on top of the ribbon. And since the ribbon had pink in it, I also ended up making the card base a pink color too! 🙂

And I also took a break from my ‘Simple Card Series’ and added a lot of rhinestones here (I was afraid the ribbon would take away all the glory!)

Thanks for looking!

Simple Card Series – Card #4 – Watercolor Block Background

I’ve been wanting to make a card like this for a long time – with a watercolor block background, with silhouetted flowers on top. I think I’ve told this in my old post – where I’ve made a multi-layered card, but I wouldn’t be satisfied until I made a single layered card! 😀

So this is my latest card, attempting exactly that –

Watercolor block background

I added a multitude of distress inks on an acrylic block ( listing them down for my sake – from the top – Vintage Photo, Pickled Raspberry, Salty Ocean, Moved Lawn, Pumice Stone, Vintage Photo – yeah, lots of colors! :D), sprayed them with copious amounts of water, and laid it flat on the card stock. I moved it a little side-by-side and up-and-down, so the colors get mixed. And removed the block after a few seconds. I removed some blobs of collected water after moving the colors around, so that things don’t get too muddy.

Watercolor block background (close-up)

After this dried, I stamped flowers using black pigment ink. Somehow, black and me don’t go well together. Like most of the times, the color didn’t apply well, and I had to go over all the stamped images again on black gel pen! 😦 But other than that, I was pretty delighted with the colorful outcome! 🙂

Finally, I stamped the sentiment in the same black ink. This made a pretty good image, but it wasn’t dark as the flower images, so I went over them (not too carefully ;)) again with my pen.

And that finished my card! I think I have well satisfied my thirst for a watercolor block card this time! Thanks for looking!

CAS(E) this Sketch #86

Continuing with my Simple Card series, I have made this card using Penny Black Stamps (whose name I forgot :() with all those cute cute cute little critters on it – I just love this stamp set!!

CAS(E) this Sketch #86

I recently bought Derwent Inktense pencils, and couln’t wait to try them! There are a lot of card ideas I got when I bought them, and this particular card wasn’t on the list – I made this one only when I saw the challenge. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘critter’ and ‘balloons’! And so it began..

For the ‘flying’ mouse, I stamped, and alternatively, colored using the pencils and then watercolored, or watercolored by borrowing the ink from the pencils. After I was satisfied, I fuzzy cut the mouse.

For the heart balloons, I stamped them and added some distress inks, and added the shine using white gel pen and then fuzzy cut them too.

CAS(E) this Sketch #86 (close-up)

After checking out where I wanted to place all of them on the card, I took some black string and tied it around the balloons. After this I laid them out on the card and gave the black string some twists and turns.

I first adhered the mouse and the balloons using foam dots and then started gluing the strings. For the balloon the mouse is holding, I had to cut the string in two, since that’s how it was on the original stamp, and I wanted to keep it that way. I glued the two strings separately and gave a small loop for the one below.

I finally added the sentiment and the little hearts using pigment ink, since I was a little unsure of how well dye inks may hold over so much of distress inks!

I am submitting this card for the CAS(E) this Sketch #86 challenge –

Thanks for looking!