Continuing with Art Book

Its been a little difficult for me to continue with my Journal.

At first, I thought of making it an archive of my ideas – but lately I have found myself with the finished card in my hand before I even think ‘Art Journal’! I am not sure whether to be happy or sad about this!

This time I made a conscious effort to specially add something to my Journal, instead of making a card. And here are the results:

The first one is something I made quite some time ago – almost together with my first attempt with the Journal..


I gesso-d the paper before starting. I added some  strokes of yellow water color from the; starting from the edges and moving to the center. Then stenciled some patterns on it using the same color at random places.


The flower-like shapes are made using a tissue paper crumpled between my fingers, and dipped into ink pad directly, placing it on paper and giving it a twist to form little circular shapes.


I later stenciled the butterflies with some more water color.

The second one is thus:


The inspiration for this piece is a card from Kristina Werner here

I admit, this looks nothing like her masterpiece, but hey! I too need to start somewhere! 😉

I used the same method as Kristina, distress inks over embossing powder. I added some punched flowers later on, since I found too much blank space in between. Before adding the punched flowers, I parted the card stock in between a little and added some white dots to the effect.

I added some glitter over the flowers and leaves, but unfortunately couldn’t capture it well in the photo..And of course, I added a couple of sequins! Just couldn’t resist 😀


And ending this post with the note that I will try harder to add more into my Journal!

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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