Runway Inspired Challenge #63

I am again entering challenges after a small break.

This time was tough. I had to try a lot of ways before I came up with this card. In fact, I have tried so many techniques in just a day that I am getting confused to how I actually arrived at this card now! 😛


For this, I took a scrap of card stock and covered it with gesso. Then I directly inked the surface with distress inks and generously sprayed it with water. I let the water flow here and there by tilting the card stock a little bit and when I was satisfied, I let it dry (actually I heat-dried it,since I was impatient! :P).

I cut the card stock along the lines of the dried gesso, into pieces of unequal width. I then placed them together and stamped some flowers with black pigment ink.


After drying the whole thing, I pasted them at unequal lengths – placing more distance between the thinner pieces – and stuck them all on to another piece of scrap card stock, ensuring some space was left for adding the sentiment.

I stuck this piece on top of the card base and added black stripes on either sides of the main piece.

After this I added the sentiment, partly hand-written and partly stickers, and added some glossy accents on top of the stickers.

I have really made an effort not to add any shine with rhinestones or sequins on the card this time..really really hard indeed! 😀

Though I started making this card without any particular sentiment in my mind, while making it, I thought of dedicating this to my dear sis, who has started her very own blog today! So, here’s withing her all the best with her new blog! 🙂

I am also submitting this card to the Runway Inspired Challenge #63

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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