Ghost Stamping – Trial 1!

Today, I tried this technique by Jennifer McGuire here – Ghost Stamping!

No, nothing scary, but a beautiful technique that combines pigment and dye inks bringing out some unique results!

I tried making a card with only the center containing flowers using this technique.


I shall omit the details of the technique here. since Jennifer makes an excellent one in her video! The only difference between her card and mine is (as visible) that I have used plain white card stock, and of course, different colors. 🙂

This simple card didn’t even take that much time to make – all the time I took was in deciding the colors I wanted to put on the card, the rest was a breeze! I even used the “stem” stamp from the same set to create the frame! 😀


And obviously, I couldn’t resist adding some pearls – as my dear sister very aptly said “why can’t you just leave some things simple, as they are!? Well, i don’t really know – I just have to do it! Hmm..guess I do really have to try to leave out the glam-sham out of cards.. 😦 Shall I forgive myself this time? 😉

But I did thoroughly enjoy making this card. 🙂 And hope you did too. Thanks for looking!

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