An Year Ago, This Day, We Came Home

Today’s card is to mark an important day in my life. We had moved to our own home this time, last year. 🙂 All the packing, moving, unpacking – arrgh! Everything had left me so tired! But there was also that exhilarated feeling of finally having move to our own home, after years of having staying in rented houses. This was the last time we would have to move! 😀

This card is just as a memory of that day, when we came to our own home.. IMG_1407 I am sorry for not being able to catch the card in the photo properly – it doesn’t look like it has so many gradients.. 😦 IMG_1409 I created a very simple card by using stencil off-setting technique. I did this directly on the card base, stamped the “Coming” part of the sentiment and pasted the “Home” part of it. Finally added some sequins – these are not especially sparkly, but they have this rainbow-effect when I move it – just lovely, and goes perfectly with the “soft” look of the card 🙂

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