Art Journal: Circle flowers

Adding another page to my beloved Journal 🙂

This time’s page is inspired by another art journal here.


Very colorful, if I say so myself 😉

I first added a base layer of gesso. After this dried, I added another, serrated layer on top using a serrated plastic knife (the ones used to cut cakes in birthday parties :)).

After drying the whole thing, I finger painted some nice and bright acrylic paint, along with some gold, silver and bronze.


I fuzzy cut out some hand-drawn circles from this textured paper I have in 4 different colors, and 4 different sizes. Also cut a few leaf shapes.

I drew the lines on the leaves and sanded the sides. I sanded the sides and surface of the circles (destroying my nails a little in the process :P) and then drew two intersecting circles on both.

I again finger-painted some circles at the spots where I would place the circular flowers. For the spots which would have the orange ones, I added a little flesh tone with the white, and for the ones with the blue, I added a little of light blue.

I stuck the circles on the layout and then stuck the leaves too, after drawing a stem for each of the flower.

This finished my Journal for today. Thanks for looking! 🙂

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