A New Challenge – CASE Study Challenge #198

Since it appeared, I have been wanting to participate in the CASE Study Challenge this time.

The guest is Shari Carroll! I have always loved her card, and have wanted to create one myself, using one of hers as an inspiration. But, I have always found that extremely difficult. Her style is so, completely different! I somehow have never been able to come up with any idea!

Until today – I really pushed myself to come up with something, to create something for this challenge.

I first tried to co-ordinate some scrapes that I have been saving. Unsuccessful. Then I picked up this set of pretty pink flowers I had received. I thought about making something that in which I could use these flowers. And picked up my stash of stuff to see if I could come up with something.

Thankfully, something clicked (and breathed a sigh of relief :P)

IMG_1423 - Copy

A mixture of scraps, pattern paper, reusable items, punches, stickers, embroider threads were used in this project, along with silver glitter as embellishment. Whew! That, I think, is my biggest list of stuff used in a card till date! 😉


The card, amazingly, does not have any stamps involved – this is a first for me! And I am delighted!


The smaller flowers are punched from scrap card stock, which I crushed before use.

The half circle at top? You’ll never guess – its from the packaging of  a popular product – guess which one?! I’ll give you a clue – its stamping ink packaging. Now?….

Well, there is my card submission. I really hope I will be able to make some more of its kind – maybe something which does not use flowers? 😀

Thanks for looking!

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