Faux Kraft Card colors

I have always wanted to make a card using Kraft colors,  using white and some other bright colors on top. Ah! It looks so beautiful in my mind’s eye! 🙂

But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on any. Till yesterday. Well, these are still not card stock, they are paper. But they are thicker than the ordinary paper and actually make for a pretty good replacement. Love them! The inks don’t bleed and the dry pretty quickly too. I am in love with this faux kraft card stock of mine! 😀 So in love and so happy, that I made two cards!

The first one has simple plain white stamping.


I added some glitter on the white. After adhering it directly on the base, I added some fancy cord on the side.


The white color looks so so pretty! I never realized how much I loved this till the entire thing dried up. So beautiful! (I could never get tired of praising it!!)

The second one has some colors on it –


I first stamped it all using white pigment ink. After this dried, I stamped again using dye ink.

In fact, there was too much pigment ink and it had actually spread out, but that actually added to the effect. 🙂


I added a couple of lines as boundary in between using white gel pen and added the sentiment. And also added the rhinestones on top.

I adhered this piece on card stock and then realized that I didn’t want the white paper which was showing though to be so plain. I had to go though pains to emboss this, since I didn’t want any embossing on top of the rest of the card, but I finally did it.

I am submitting my second card to CASE(E) this Sketch #84

If it isn’t really apparent amidst all the vines and flowers, the count of five (three above and two below) is limited to the flowers. The other elements are to add to the look, of course! 🙂

Now-a-days I find myself using more of my hand writing instead of stamping the sentiment on cards. I think if I can successfully train myself in a few more varieties of hand writing, I won’t need to buy so many sentiment stamps anymore! Still a long way to go before that happens! 😛

For now, thanks for looking!

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