Inlaid die cut card

I am a lazy person by nature. I just don’t want to do stuff which seems difficult, if I can avoid them. And so, I’ve been avoiding making card using inlaid die cuts for this long. Well, there’s also another reason – never thought I own any dies that I could use for this technique. I don’t know what drove me to make this today, but I am very glad I did. Its made me realize just how strenuous an activity this is! I had thought it would take time, but actually doing it, I was tired, tired, tired!

The worst part of it is that the finished card does not show all the effort – I mean, there might have to be a note written behind the card saying that the pieces were painstakingly put together, one-by-one!! Well, even with all that complaining, I still love the card! 🙂 It has become of of my favourite techniques too, albeit I will probably not use it so much. Hat’s off to all those card-makers out there who have the guts to use this technique time and again!

And now that all my ranting is over, here’s the actual card –

I had not thought of the colors I would use in this card – just decided on blue and green on a whim – thank god I had the card stock with the right hues! 😀 Also, I had wanted the card to consist of only the die cuts, and one sentiment in below that. The reason I have the ribbon? – I made a mistake! While I was adding the adhering the card stock, I actually pasted the wrong side up – I had pulled some paper while I was applying the adhesive there, and wanted the other side on top, but didn’t notice it till late – so I had to add something there. 😦

Yay for owning something that suits the overall layout! I pulled out this piece of ribbon and added it across – but I still didn’t know where to add the sentiment. I even debated on making this a horizontal card with the sentiment coming over the ribbon from the side, but that would have covered a portion of the die-cut also, which I didn’t want. And I finally decided on adding it on top of the ribbon. And since the ribbon had pink in it, I also ended up making the card base a pink color too! 🙂

And I also took a break from my ‘Simple Card Series’ and added a lot of rhinestones here (I was afraid the ribbon would take away all the glory!)

Thanks for looking!

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