Simple Card Series – Card #4 – Watercolor Block Background

I’ve been wanting to make a card like this for a long time – with a watercolor block background, with silhouetted flowers on top. I think I’ve told this in my old post – where I’ve made a multi-layered card, but I wouldn’t be satisfied until I made a single layered card! 😀

So this is my latest card, attempting exactly that –


I added a multitude of distress inks on an acrylic block ( listing them down for my sake – from the top – Vintage Photo, Pickled Raspberry, Salty Ocean, Moved Lawn, Pumice Stone, Vintage Photo – yeah, lots of colors! :D), sprayed them with copious amounts of water, and laid it flat on the card stock. I moved it a little side-by-side and up-and-down, so the colors get mixed. And removed the block after a few seconds. I removed some blobs of collected water after moving the colors around, so that things don’t get too muddy.


After this dried, I stamped flowers using black pigment ink. Somehow, black and me don’t go well together. Like most of the times, the color didn’t apply well, and I had to go over all the stamped images again on black gel pen! 😦 But other than that, I was pretty delighted with the colorful outcome! 🙂

Finally, I stamped the sentiment in the same black ink. This made a pretty good image, but it wasn’t dark as the flower images, so I went over them (not too carefully ;)) again with my pen.

And that finished my card! I think I have well satisfied my thirst for a watercolor block card this time! Thanks for looking!

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