Art Journal: Stuck On Circle Flowers

Somehow, I can’t seem to get circle flowers out of my head! One of my previous journals here also had a circle flower theme. But they look soo pretty!! Well, I guess no one’s gonna complain if I make some more, right! 😉


This time, I cut out a piece of foam sheet in a circular shape to stamp flowers on in various distress inks and then added the outlines in color different from the colors (but the same color set) using a bottle cap. After this I cut out another piece of foam in the shape of a leaf and used that to stamp the shapes in some brighter colors on a scrape piece of paper.


While this was drying, I added the colors to the rest of the paper. I also added filled it using second generation stamping & repeat stamping, and added the curly designs, the diamond lines like so. I also stamped in the insects at a random.


While this was drying, I fuzzy cut the leaf-like shapes from the scrap paper and stuck them on the center of the flowers using some foam dots, making them point in different directions. I also drew the stalk and some leaves using a black pen.

I really like these circle flowers, but I also hope to get in some new ideas in the journal…Well, happy for now at least! 🙂

Thanks for looking!

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