Stencil + Color Gradient

The card this time is one of the simplest – I think every card maker must have done it at least once!

The basic layout consists of two parts in the card, consisting of two different patterns or one side plain-one side pattern, with a single stripe separating the two.

Stencil + Color Gradients

I used a stencil I had to get the pattern in yellow, with orange blended in from the sides. I added a stripe of orange paper in between. For the embellishment, I used a snowflake die cut – I die-cut a few of them and adhered them one on top of the other and finally adhered it directly on top of the card.

Stencil + Color Gradients (close-up)

I added some sequins – two at each position, a smaller shiny gold and a larger matte copper one. After this, I added the hand written sentiment at the top.

Thanks for looking!


Pinspiration #2

Since I’ve started making cards using some of my pins in Pinterest as inspirations, I’ve decided to include them all under this ‘Pinspiration’ category. This marks the start (well, not exactly, since I’ve already published one card in this! ;)) of my new Pinspiration series of cards! 😀

This time, the inspirations pin is this. The card is mainly based in the skirt that the lady is wearing.

PinInspiration #2 (close-up)


I stamped the colors first using Abstract Art stamp set then started stamping the colors in darker colors using Batik Cartouches stamp set. Once I had finished the bottom layer of the card, I stamped chevron pattern for the entire upper layer.

Once done, I was kinda not for using the entire thing for the card – and so I thought of added this piece from one of the corners while the rest of the card would have some kind of pattern in it.

PinInspiration #2

I took dark blue and grey colored crayons and started drawing some lines across the entire card base. Once completely covered, I added the earlier piece at an angle using some foam tape and cut off the extra. I also added some white circular sequins randomly and added the sentiment.

Thanks for looking! 🙂


This time’s card is for my dear sister. I wanted to congratulate her on getting a new job! Hope her new journey goes well. All the best to her!

As for the card –

Alcohol Inks on clear plastic

I was inspired by some of the works I’ve seen lately revolving around alcohol inks and some other products, involving some splattering of the ink around paper. The alcohol inks, in particular, work well while working on a glossy surface (its impossible to create this effect the same effect on normal card stock. Since I don’t have glosys paper in my stash, I tried using some clear plastic sheets instead.

I took some alcohol inks I have, and adding a few drops on top of the sheet, I blew directly on top using a cut, small piece of straw. I also added some gold powder, put the ink  on top. I repeated the procedure till most of the sheet was covered in inks. The result is a fabulous display of colors, with a little gold peeking here and there!

Alcohol Inks on clear plastic  (close-up)

Once dry, I trimmed the sheet and heat embossed the sentiment using some gold embossing powder. This warped the sheet a bit, so I heated the whole sheet – this evened the sheet a little bit, but not completely.

Once done, I adhered the sheet on a piece of white paper, which I adhered directly on top of another black piece, which covered the entire card base. After I adhered the entire thing on the card stock, I added a couple dashed lines on either sides of the white paper.

Once everything was dry, I wrote the sentiment inside. And that finished the card!

Hope you liked the colors on the card as much as I did! Thanks for looking! 🙂

Striped pattern card

This time is also another inspiration I’ve got from Pinterest here The image is of a series of thick vertical soft blue lines, with a single soft orange line with flowers in it.

Striped pattern card

Amanda Jane Jones-She Him

The card I’ve made takes the idea of having just one vertical line of a different color (I had no thoughts of copying the colors, but have mostly taken the same colors as in the inspiration)

Striped pattern card (close-up)

I used some stripes of similar-colored pattern paper on the side for some added effect.

Thanks for looking!

Green Leaves on Gesso

Inspired by my previous Art Journal and also this pin in my Pinterest Card Ideas board, I thought of making a simple card carrying some leafy twigs in it.

Green Leaves

The technique itself is really simple :). I first gesso-ed the center part of a piece of card stock. After it dried, I laid the stencil across it and started sponging the dye ink on top. I also tried blending inks of different colors, by sliding the first layer of ink and stamping the second layer. This brought out a subtle change in color and texture in the leaves.

Once this dried I added the sentiment which I had stamped and cut out the piece in a pennant shape.

Green Leaves (close-up)

The only thing I am sad about in this card is that one of the twigs got covered off by the sentiment. As my sister rightly commented, if I had thought about the layout earlier, I could have just moved the twig a little higher in the card. 😦 Well, you learn as you make mistakes, I guess! 😉

Thanks for looking! 🙂

Art Journal: Leaves and Butterflies

This time’s art journal is inspired by pastel colors. I wanted to try some mellowed colors as opposed the some of my older works.

Art journal: Leaves and Butterflies

I tried adding some gesso first – this gives a different feel to almost everything! Even the way the ink sticks is different. 🙂

Art journal: Leaves and Butterflies (close-up 1)

I used a stencil to get the butterflies and started inking in rainbow pastel colors. After this I added some leafy twigs in a couple of shades of green. Adding the dye inks on the gesso brings down the depth of the colors to quite some degree. Also, the way they spread out is quite different – it really feels like the color is flowing and sliding across the page. Its really beautiful! 🙂

Art journal: Leaves and Butterflies (close-up 2)

After this, I stamped up some circular images and some flowers on the page, using a few darker colors.

Once I stamped the images, I started feeling that I couldn’t see the butterflies at all, since the background for the thin butterfly lines was white. I wanted to darken the colors on the butterfly. So, I filled up the butterflies using some Inktense pencils using almost the same shade as the pastel below. This also brought a pretty contrast against the similar colored pastel background.

Art journal: Leaves and Butterflies (close-up 3)

Thanks for looking!