Card Inspirations

I have (as many other Card Makers), been taking inspirations from other card makers. And sometimes, the cards I see are so beautiful that I feel inspired to make one just like theirs! These are not cards where I have copied just the colors or the techniques, but mostly everything! This has made me think about making a dedicated category for such cards (not a Series, just a Category ;))

I have already published some ‘inspired’ cards in my blog, and I am not exactly going to update them to belong to this category. I am going to include such cards in this new category from now on.

The card I made is another of such cards –

Dye + Pigment inks

The card I’ve made is inspired from the card here

I’ve mostly followed the same layout and techniques, but used different stamps and colors.

Card inspiration (close-up)

Can I also humbly mention that I’ve also made this card to celebrate my own birthday (that was two days ago, but still.. :))

I am pretty happy with this outcome! And thanks to all those great people out there giving all these superb card inspirations!

Thanks for looking!


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