Flicking Paint

This card is inspired from this pin. I was taken in by the image background and wanted to recreate such a piece using one of my stencils.

Flicking paint

I tried using paint and flicking that using one of my old toothbrushes – this was an old old technique we used to do when we were kids. I was quite happy with trying the same technique on cards after such a long time! 🙂

I used one of the damask stencils I had, temporarily stuck it on a card and after steadying it, started flicking some undiluted acrylic paint on it. I used three shades of blue, starting from the bottom right corner, progressing upwards to my left.

Flicking paint (close-up)

It took more time then I imagined – the spots left behind were really tiny and took time to fill up the space. I also observed that quite an amount of paint submerged into the brush – the technique actually wasted some amount of paint (not too much, but still enough for me, who dislikes wasting anything! ;))

Once done, I took off the stencil and quickly washed it, since its really difficult to take the paint off once its dry. I also let the piece dry for an hour or so before trimming it. I first adhered some blue color paper on the card base and then adhered this piece on top. For the sentiment, I took a scrape piece of card stock and hand wrote the sentiment. I adhered this on top of the same color paper which I adhered on top of the card using some foam dots.

I really liked this technique, which is simple to do, and gives the card a unique look. I think I’ll try this technique some more in the future, maybe using different types of paint and different levels of dilution using water.

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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