Single-border design card

Arrrgghh!! I really really really wanted this one to be a single layered card! And it would be if I could do double-stamping properly!! 😥

This card is inspired by this pin I saw in Pinterest. I wanted to replicate the single side border idea.

I grabbed my Batik Cartouches stamp set by Inkadinkado and Ginger Adirondack ink and eye balled and stamped the images in a single column.

Single design stripe Card

I wanted to add my sentiment using the same color and I knew that some of my stamps didn’t work well with this ink (or some other dye inks either). They would get stamped in splotches or get dotty. So I first wanted to try this on a scrape piece of paper.

I stamped it for the first time, and as expected, the sentiment was splotchy. I tried double stamping – and here I have to say that I am most definitely not good at double stamping. I first thought of giving it a shot and then go for the card only if I could succeed – and I did. Hence thinking that I would try the double stamping on my card, I went ahead – and – big wonder, I messed up big time!! 😦 And so, I had to go with another layer for the sentiment. And guess what the double stamping came out as well as it could! Arrghh! Why oh, why!

Single design stripe Card (Close-up)

Anyway, I added the sentiment on the stripe of card stock, lined the edges with the same ink after cutting a triangle on one of the sides.

So, this ended being a double layered card! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for looking!


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