Glitter, finally

I’ve been wanting to make a card covered with glitter. Well, at least mostly covered πŸ˜‰

The last time I tried, I was left with glitter all over the place, except on the card. I mean, it never sticks properly, and never stays in place. Oh, the agony of it!

I actually made this glitter piece quite some time ago. I had wrapped it with some paper, unable to come up with a good idea about how to use it on a card. I was wondering how the rest of the card-making world succeeds with this tricky stuff. While thinking about some kind of sealant to seal off all that glitter once I was (mostly) done adhering it, I thought about Modge Podge. And that’s what I used in this card!

I used a stencil and gesso-ed the surface and quickly added some glitter on top. After washing away the stencil, I waited till the gesso was completely dry before proceeding.

I felt that the gold glitter wasn’t showing up much on the white card stock. I started coloring the back side with some Copic marker, since I was afraid of ruining the marker by coloring on top. I added color till it was saturated and started showing on the other side. After this, I added some matte Modge Podge on top and let it dry. I also added a small rhinestone in the center of the design.

I took pattern papers of two colors and adhered it on the card base. On top of this I added the glitter piece using some foam tape. I also added the sentiment, hand written, folded in a banner shape using some glue and foam dots.

I am pretty happy with the outcome. The Modge Podge over the parts where the card was showing gave it a glossy finish but it also shows the glitter through without any masking. Love that! ❀

Now I am having some confidence in making some more cards using glitter, since I know how to seal it! πŸ˜€

Thanks for looking!

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