This time’s card is for my dear sister. I wanted to congratulate her on getting a new job! Hope her new journey goes well. All the best to her!

As for the card –

I was inspired by some of the works I’ve seen lately revolving around alcohol inks and some other products, involving some splattering of the ink around paper. The alcohol inks, in particular, work well while working on a glossy surface (its impossible to create this effect the same effect on normal card stock. Since I don’t have glosys paper in my stash, I tried using some clear plastic sheets instead.

I took some alcohol inks I have, and adding a few drops on top of the sheet, I blew directly on top using a cut, small piece of straw. I also added some gold powder, put the ink  on top. I repeated the procedure till most of the sheet was covered in inks. The result is a fabulous display of colors, with a little gold peeking here and there!

Once dry, I trimmed the sheet and heat embossed the sentiment using some gold embossing powder. This warped the sheet a bit, so I heated the whole sheet – this evened the sheet a little bit, but not completely.

Once done, I adhered the sheet on a piece of white paper, which I adhered directly on top of another black piece, which covered the entire card base. After I adhered the entire thing on the card stock, I added a couple dashed lines on either sides of the white paper.

Once everything was dry, I wrote the sentiment inside. And that finished the card!

Hope you liked the colors on the card as much as I did! Thanks for looking! 🙂

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