Art Book : Jute Rope Flowers

This art journal is an outcome of my wish to make something with a colorful background and include jute flowers!

I have owned this bundle of thin jute rope, which I had bought for the very purpose of using in my crafts. Although I have used the rope in some other projects, I never made exclusive use of it focusing it as the primary piece in any other of my works so far. So, I am very happy with this creation! 🙂

Colorful background and jute rope flowers

For making this journal, I first applied a layer of Gesso – this is one of my favorites to getting a surface ready for my journalling. Over this initial layer, I directly swiped ink pads across the paper horizontally. Once this was partially dry, I took a bottle cap, added grey ink and started adding ring shaped, mesh patterns. Since the ink below was partially dry, both the inks kind of blended together, finally giving a watery look to the circular mesh.

Colorful background and jute rope flowers (close up 1)

Laying this aside, I started making the jute flowers by rolling them between my fingers in to flat spiral shapes. I adhered each one of them on the background. I then added the stems and the leaf shapes.

Colorful background and jute rope flowers (close up 2)

Once dry, I started adding colors – using acrylic paints, I added some brown and white on the flowers. And using watercolors, I painted two shades of green within the leaves.

This finished my Journal! Thanks for looking! 🙂

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