Art Book : New Start

After a few times I worked on my art journal, I started feeling that the page was too big for me to fill – I always needed to think how to cover various parts of the page with the same design I had in mind, without repeating patterns…tough! And all the time, I would also think that it would be better if I had a smaller book with me for journalling. But since I couldn’t find any in my local stationary shop, I thought of making one by myself!

New Art Journal - Cover Page

Well, there was naught for it – I bought a book of the usual size, removed the pins from the center, cut the paper where the fold was and folded them anew in between. Stacking them into four stashes, I pierced a couple of holes in each fold and stitched them together. I couldn’t just leave the papers like that, could I? I also added some thick white paper as a cover and glued the papers to the spine. And my pretty book was ready for art jounalling! 😀

New Art Journal - Cover Page (close up)

And my first project? The cover page, of course! 😉 I HAD to do something on top – I mean, the crafter in me would just not permit the cover to be white! And so I got to work –  I picked some stencils and distress ink and used my imagination to bring out a beautiful masterpiece (:P) on the cover!

Love it! Love it! How about you?

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