The Cat’s Shadow

Today, I tried experimenting with my brayer. I had seen a card recently, and I wanted to see whether I could reproduce the effects.

…I failed miserably! 😦 Unfortunately for me, the brayer I own is not exactly leveled – the ends are raised and when I roll it on any color, only the edges pick it up, and when I try applying it, its becomes a nightmare!! Well, something which doesn’t work the right way can make its own good effects, although completely unintended! This is how I came to today’s art –

The Cat's ShadowThe colors in the background were colored using orange and purple acrylic paints on my brayer. Although this background wouldn’t work well for what I had in mind, I changed tracks and made something which would suite the background instead! 😛 Why waste a masterpiece, right! 😉

The Cat's Shadow (close up)I drew the cat using a pencil and colored it with black Copic marker. The tail came out a little thicker than what was in the reference picture…but, well, its ok. I am not aiming to sell my cat art! 😉

By the way, the cat I’ve drawn is picked up from this pin from Pinterest.

hoppip: David Meowie II | Must be printed

That’s it! Simple, barely took half an hour!

Thanks for stopping by!

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