#346 – Sovushka Slavia Autumn CAS Marathon and Best CAS Card maker

Hello! Quite a big announcement for me to make – I got chosen as one of the toppers in Sovushka Slavia Autumn CAS Marathon!! How cool is that!!

On account of this, the toppers and winners have also been graciously invited to another challenge they are hosting – BEST CAS CARDMAKER 2015. We are automatically qualified to the second round!! Isn’t that sweet!!! Wow! A big thanks to all the wonderful ladies at Sovushka Slavia!!

As a part of the challenge, we are asked to share a little about ourself and when and why we are enthusiastic style CAS + show 5 or more CAS cards. So, here goes –

003I am a software engineer by profession and just started card making around May last year. I got addicted very soon. Although I started with interest in a variety of styles but recently, I have taken a special interest in CAS cards. I found CAS cards to be especially beautiful and also difficult for me to make, since I’ve been used to adding all sorts of embellishment and also covering the entire surface of my cards! Inspiration comes mostly from other card makers and challenges to me and have been a constant source of improvement for me.

Here are a few CAS cards I’ve made recently (click on the image to go to the blog). I’ve tried really hard to choose cards that I’ve not submitted to Sovushka Slavia challenges! Hope you enjoy! –

FeathersMuse Challenge #131Lots of Butterflies!ThanksMagnoliasPumpkinsHere’s also looking forward to the Best CAS Card maker challenge!! Please wish me luck! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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