#480 – Dragon Art


Its again been a few days since I made anything card related. And since I haven’t come up with anything good, I thought of publishing some of my older works – which are not card related. Welcome to another post for the ‘etc’ of my blog!

I had made this dragon wall art – just a A3 size panel – for my sister to hang in her room. This is not an original!! I am definitely not that good!! I had downloaded this image from after searching in Google for a dragon image I can draw/paint. Here’s the source.

Dragon Wall Art

I first drew the dragon in pencil, and then colored it using Zig Brush pens. For the white – I tried a variety of things – Uniball white gel pen, Camel drawing ink white pigment paint.. probably some more – I don’t really remember. The white wasn’t just showing enough for me, and finally white acrylic paint worked. The dotted lines came different from the original – because I wasn’t paying enough attention.

And notice how you almost can’t see the beast’s horns… yeah.. again, not something I had planned. The paint just wouldn’t do its job. And I got tired and left it there. (I give up too easily :P)

Dragon Wall Art

Well, once the dragon was complete, I made the surroundings using distress ink. I half sponged, half watercolored the colors. Mostly used browns and a bit of green..you can hardly see the greens, in fact!

Dragon Wall Art

I guess its not half as bad as I thought… but then when I had finished, I had a lot of complaints with it – and I don’t remember them now at all1 😀

As a side announcement, I am thinking of reducing my blogging time. I think I have a few things that need priority. Doesn’t mean that I’ll stop anything – after all, card making really makes me happy and reduces my stress and all.. I will just be reducing the time I spend on it. But, I’ll still be visiting all the blogs of my friends and the ones I admire, to leave comments and get more inspiration…and get ‘wow’ed! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


8 thoughts on “#480 – Dragon Art

  1. You are really very talented Ashwini, the dragon looks fantastic. I think we think alike at times, I have already cut down my blogging and posting too.

  2. I think your dragon wall art came out fantastic! I guess we are all perfectionists, which doesn’t necessarily mean we can achieve perfection, but the pursuing of becoming better (whatever that means) may be a good thing as long as we don’t exaggerate :). I know I do it more often than I should… and then something that is supposed to bring pleasure and fun, turns out as a motive to be unhappy…
    If it helps, I see Alisa Burke using a white Sharpie oil based pen all the time with great results, even on black and different materials as leather, for instance… just thought you might want to try :).
    I really hope to keep seeing your wonderful work in the future, Ashwini!
    See you SOON! 🙂

    • Cris, first – thank you so much – for your concern and your encouragement. I am so lucky and happy to have such wonderful blogging friends!!
      I agree with you – pursuing perfection shouldn’t make us unhappy. It did get me upset for sometime – but I am over that. I get over things pretty quickly (its in my nature) and I am patient enough to give things time. I don’t mind if I am unable to create for some time – its just a phase, like a sine wave (like my Ma always says), and I am bound to bounce back some time! I’ll just wait till then! 🙂
      I checked out Alisa Burke – she’s fantastic! Thank you for pointing me out to an awesome, new source of inspiration! That always helps in getting new ideas and getting inspired! 🙂

  3. WOW – impressive! You sister will love this, for sure! No wonder you can’t remember your complaints – there simply aren’t any 🙂

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