#708 – Best of 2017

Hello! So I finally decided to compose a post about what I think are my best cards from each month of 2017. I went back and forth quite a few times about whether I wanted to publish this post or not, but finally decided to go ahead. I mean, it feels good to see my best creations.. hopefully it will lead to a good creation spree in 2018! 😀

I have 137 posts from last year, and more cards than 137.. not sure how many, since I’ve posted multiple cards in some posts, single cards in others. Some others are about mixed media creations, and others – not even cards! But it definitely has been a fun year! And I have a lot of favorites to share, even if I was out of mojo too many times throughout the year! 🙂

So here we go! (Since I have more than 1 card for some months, I am linking the image with the post where I published it.)


I started trying new techniques this year. I loved the technique LauraJane uses for coloring, so I tried something similar. The first card below is the result. I even came up with a marbling technique using alcohol inks – something I would love to try once again! 🙂

Happy Birthday
New Year Cards 2016-17


The very first vintage card of the year – I started liking this style very much by the end of the year!

Love & Adore You


I think this (the first card) is the only heavily textured card I made throughout the year. And somehow, the entire month turned out to be very ‘green’!!

Have A Beautiful DaySo Very Thankful
So Very Thankful


Getting a few new stamps in the stash is always wonderful. I made cards just to be able to use them!

Celebrate Your Day
Sending Well Wishes
Happy Birthday


Both these cards are for my parents – turns out my best cards are those which I give to my family! 🙂

Happy Wedding Anniversary
Happy Birthday Ma


I’ve even been trying to make cards without using too many embellishments. Stamping and coloring the entire card, and using other ways to highlight sections – like die cutting, vellum and embossing.

Hello Beautiful
Happy Father's Day


Finally starting the get accustomed to making CAS cards… but still, flowers do make everything easy! 😉

You Are Amazing
Happy Birthday to You


I went all out on painting, colors and techniques this month – everything was new and fresh!!

Happy Birthday
Winnie & Walter Leading Lady - Aug Week 2 - All Cards


Attempts at no line coloring – something I absolutely adore – so happy that they came out so well!!

Celebrate Your Day


And I finally started getting the hang of making cards using critter stamps – something I have a hard time making.. Gotta try some more!

Cold Nose Warm Heart


Bringing a portion of mixed media into card making, is the highlight. Also tried out the double heat embossing technique.. one of my favorites to achieve that fabulous, sparkly, metallic look! Jennifer McGuire rocks! 😀

Pumkin Everything
Celebrate in Orange
Diwali Cards 2017 - 4 cards
Hello Beautiful


Getting the verdigris embossing powder made me create a few cards! I also tried bringing in some acrylic paints into cards, and the combination of the paints with embossing and foil is just spectacular! Gotta try it again!!

Sending Joy
Sending Joy
Thinking of You
Warmest Wishes
Merry Christmas

So these are all my favorite cards from the year past! Have I missed any of your favorites? You can check them all here.. and tell me if I’ve messed any!

Cheers to the year past and the fresh one coming ahead! May we all have some cherishing crafting times!! Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂


7 thoughts on “#708 – Best of 2017

  1. Glad you shared this post Ashwini:) Nice to see your fav from each month and how you tried different techniques through out the year.I expect it continues this year too 🙂

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