#742 – A Tote Bag

Hello! Its been quite some time since I posted about something other than cards. Today, I am posting about my humble attempt at creating a tote bag.

I love stitching, as much as I love making cards. But I seldom find anything to stitch! Purses are something that I can make and enjoy using too, so they seem to be the best choice. I have made a couple of purses earlier, but they were made of cloth without any interfacing, so they haven’t come out that well. I used to love the designs and the cloth, but lament how they never would look like purses, and look totally lame.


But now, I finally got my hands on some interfacing, and tried to make a simple tote bag. It was also my first time adding a zipper, so I was pretty excited about it. Since my stitching is also not that great, I had to stitch pretty slowly to get the lines straight…but they are still wonky in some places. πŸ˜›


But I am pretty happy with this project. It has given me confidence to try out some more, and since I have a few more pieces of cloth, and my sister, who also wants to join in with lots of wonderful ideas of her own, I hope to make a few more projects in the future! πŸ™‚

I am joining the Simon Says Stamp National Craft Month with this project

Thank you very much for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “#742 – A Tote Bag

    • Tangled thread? Is your bobbin fixed right?
      As they say, when something goes wrong, blame the machine, and when it goes right, compliment yourself! 😁
      BTW, I am still working on those stitches too!πŸ˜†

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