#775 – Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Art

Hello and welcome! Since my card making wasn’t going well lately, I thought a change of pace might be good – perfect time to try some mixed media!

I have been thinking of making this project since last year – a wall art with Ganapathi – using mixed media. And though I had gathered all the necessary materials, I never got down to actually working on it until last week – well over 7 or more months of stalling!! 😉 But here it is, finally –



The focal point, the Ganapathi are from CrafTangles Ganesha stencil. Mostly used other stencils, along with embossing paste, along with a few other elements like paste mixed with sawdust, stringed pearl, flowers, broken wooden buttons, a strip of aida cloth (that’s used for cross stitching), art stones and molds made from paper clay. Finally everything got a coat of black gesso. I then added colors in shades of blue and dark green, along with gold here and there – all acrylic paints.



This is one of two wall arts that I wanted to make. The other one also has a focal Ganapathi, though with a different design. It is still in the planning stage and I plan to make it using different color and hopefully different media too. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it soon and put up the pair for my visial delight very soon! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

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