#870 – A Hand in Drawing

Hello and welcome! As you might know, I started trying a little bit of freehand watercoloring recently. Of course, my favorite being flowers and leaves, that’s where I started. Another interest of mine has been in drawing as well. Since I started with watercoloring, I thought I would dabble my hand in drawing as well.

I first used pencil to draw the outlines and then used Uniball FineLine pens for drawing. The piece was originally supposed to be an oval wreath of leaves, but then I filled up the rest of the page with more leaves, leaving the center empty. Had to fill that up with something, hence the random quote! 😉 The …quite misplaced…quote is stamped using alphabet stamps that I own – Altenew’s Ombre Alpha and Honey Bee Stamps’ Brush Grunge Alpha.

I, in fact, am learning both of these from a wonderful YouTuber Shayda Campbell. She has videos creating both watercoloring and she’s really wonderfully talented! Since I have a bit of knowledge on both watercoloring and drawing, her level of teaching is just right for me! Thank you so much Shayda! 🙂

That’s all for now. I’ll have another post in some time with updates on my experiments with both watercoloring and drawing. And my trials in finding ‘my style‘ in both these new endeavours!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

8 thoughts on “#870 – A Hand in Drawing

  1. This has turned out so well, it is really very clever. Like you, I am trying to learn to draw and watercolour, but unlike you, I am not being very successful. Well done and thanks for the link xx

  2. Thank you very much, Hilary! I guess drawing is in my genes! My dad dew pretty well, and so does my sister..and I was drawing my biology sketches pretty well. What I am doing now is just what I love more – so I guess its fun for me too, even more than I enjoyed ‘getting it right’ then. So, basically, its been a long trip from then! I guess yours will come soon enough too! Hang in there 😀

  3. I remember this and I absolutely love thus, ut would be so much fun to color this page. You are uber talented my friend.

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