#902 – Autumn with Birch Trees

Hello and welcome! It’s my favorite thing to post now-a-days! Because if I get to post this, it means that I’ve been practicing, and that, hopefully, also means that I’ve been improving with my artwork! Its my drawing/painting series!

This time is a piece with autumn/fall scene and I tried incorporating some Birch trees. Why Birch trees? Because I thought they would be easiest! And I still think they are the easiest now too, after having tried to watercolor them. At least, better than me trying to watercolor any other tree! 😀

So, here’s the piece –

I started out with drawing the ground at an angle, and then drawing a few trees and branches here and there, with some criss-crossing branches and all. But the final piece that you see here isn’t exactly the same – I would say some 90% is retained. That’s good for now! 😀

Well, I did somehow manage to retain my original idea of the trees, but couldn’t do that with the ground. I had wanted to make it look like there were a lot of fallen leaves, but I had to turn it to grass once one of my strokes went wrong…I thought of adding a little grass on the left end, but I ended up covering the entire ground with it. I also had thought of making it look like the floor where the trees are standing on, but this one looks like a bit of a mound or something next to the trees. Ah, well.. its still not that bad! 😀

I don’t know what watercoloring I’ll do next – I’ve nothing planned as of yet. But I plan to make a small booklet of out things like this. That’s a lot of watercoloring I’m looking to make! 😀

That’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

14 thoughts on “#902 – Autumn with Birch Trees

  1. I think you need to give yourself much more credit for this, it is stunning and you have really captured the Autumn look with your colours. The foreground looks like it is covered with fallen leaves and a bit of grass poking through. Very well done. I have been trying to learn to watercolour too but haven’t made the same progress you have. i love this one xx

  2. Oh I love this and you should frame this-so much depth-looks like I am walking into a forest. Your watercolouring is outstanding and keeping an Art Journal sounds a wonderful idea….although framing your favs would be good as presents for your Family also-they should be seen by more than just you! Oh and thank you for visiting my blog so much I am sorry I don’t get around to seeing yours so much…but you know my health gets in the way! But I love to visit you when I can x

    • Absolutely don’t mind that, Sandie! I appreciate your sincere comments here much more!! Thank you so much – you’ve flattered me beyond words!! 😀

  3. As you know, I just love your water coloring and your commitment to improve… it is actually a joy seeing your improvement getting bigger and more refined, every time you share a new experiment. One have to respect such a passion! 😉

    • Thank you so much Cris! You are really making the image of my dedication too big – it’s not all that! But I’ll definitely be practicing more! 😊💕

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