#943 – Inspiration Station #15

Hello and welcome! Finally up with the next installment of Inspiration Station!!

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It was my turn to choose a theme for this challenge. I made a collage of pottery this time –

Image Source: (clockwise from top right)

I did initially think of making a card, or doing some of my experimental watercoloring, bu then I remembered that it had been quite a long time since I added anything to my art book. So, I went about filling another couple of pages. 🙂

I chose a few things from the inspiration – the colors, the leafy plants, and of course, the critter looking at amazement at the plants..wonder if it is a foreigner, deciding upon a new home! 🙂

I started by ripping out pages of an old book. Normally, I’m not a fan of ripping pages off books, but this one I kept especially for art making, so I proceeded without any guilt! 🙂 I then tore the edges to a few different sizes and after deciding their placement, adhered it to my book. I then watercolored around it with that deep blue, using my cheap pan watercolors. I then added those leafy plants and added a light blue/brown to the rest of the exposed background.

At this point, I started feeling like I couldn’t make out that there are multiple ripped out page panels on the page. To make them a bit more prominent, I colored the torn edges with black watercolor.

For the focal points, I die cut a few pieces from Pink Fresh Studio Dainty Blossoms, stacked two pieces together and added them over a few trips of washi tape. For the right side, I watercolored the critter and a few more flowers, adhered them over the same similar strips of washi tape.

For a touch of gold, I die cut a few smaller pieces using My Favorite Things Hip Clips and Lawn Fawn Hearts dies and adhered them to the pages.

Checkout the gorgeous set of coasters that my sister made, inspired by the same collage! Exceptional! And useful!

That’s it from me for now. Till the next installment of of Inspiration Station, ciao!

#902 – Autumn with Birch Trees

Hello and welcome! It’s my favorite thing to post now-a-days! Because if I get to post this, it means that I’ve been practicing, and that, hopefully, also means that I’ve been improving with my artwork! Its my drawing/painting series!

This time is a piece with autumn/fall scene and I tried incorporating some Birch trees. Why Birch trees? Because I thought they would be easiest! And I still think they are the easiest now too, after having tried to watercolor them. At least, better than me trying to watercolor any other tree! 😀

So, here’s the piece –

I started out with drawing the ground at an angle, and then drawing a few trees and branches here and there, with some criss-crossing branches and all. But the final piece that you see here isn’t exactly the same – I would say some 90% is retained. That’s good for now! 😀

Well, I did somehow manage to retain my original idea of the trees, but couldn’t do that with the ground. I had wanted to make it look like there were a lot of fallen leaves, but I had to turn it to grass once one of my strokes went wrong…I thought of adding a little grass on the left end, but I ended up covering the entire ground with it. I also had thought of making it look like the floor where the trees are standing on, but this one looks like a bit of a mound or something next to the trees. Ah, well.. its still not that bad! 😀

I don’t know what watercoloring I’ll do next – I’ve nothing planned as of yet. But I plan to make a small booklet of out things like this. That’s a lot of watercoloring I’m looking to make! 😀

That’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

#894 – Some more drawings…and coloring!

Hello and welcome! As you might know, I’ve started to dabble on drawing, and free hand water-coloring, along with my regular card making activities. I had posted some of what I had made in a previous post. This here is the next installment! 🙂

I have bought a A5 sized book for practicing by drawing and simple coloring – Brustro Artists’ Sketch Book. And all the art work featured in this post, are what I’ve drawn there. I find the book to be adequate for my practice as of now.

This one is inspired by Alex Siberia’s designs. She has got a ton of awesome digital images at her shop, and I found them really inspiring to draw. Of course, I am not commercializing mine, neither have I outright copied her art – this is my own style.

I drew the flowers using a pencil and used Uniball Fineliner pens to outline them – I do have pens of different thickness – 0.05, 0.1 and 0.3 – and I use them however I feel like. Once the outline was complete, I erased the pencil lines and colored the whole thing using Zig brush marker pens.

Of course, the paper is not think enough to handle the coloring. The color was showing through the page, but thankfully, the paper’s thickness was enough to not let anything bleed though to the next page. 🙂

And this one proves that the pages aren’t exactly meant for watercoloring!! 😀 I tried to get a look of illustration, but no..not meant to be!! I’ll attempt the next one over actual watercolor paper, and use this one for pens and my Zig markers… maybe pencils too, if I can manage it! 🙂

But I did looooveee those butterflies!! 😀

Some autumn/fall artwork, going along with the popular theme in the card-making world at this time! I tried drawing myself and some no-line coloring with the Zig brush markers. Loving the look of the marker’s colors on this one – a little more practice, and I think I’ll get a hang of it! 🙂

And back to only sketching! Its full of leaves this time. And I really wanted to try out drawing some Gingko leaves!! They are so pretty – I think if I use any color other then green for them, they would be mistaken for flower petals!! 😀

So, on this one, I tried to create texture by varying line thickness and density – but I don’t think I established it very well. But I did like the look of the leaves here! And all the dots accompanying it! 😀

I’ll join the Paint Party Friday: Week 31. What a wonderful platform to show off some artwork! Thank you Eva and Kristin for hosting it!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll hopefully make the next set soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

Art Journal – Inspired

I am back with another page..:)

This time is a creation which I wanted to try for quite some time – in fact, since I saw Shari Carroll make a page for her art journal here. Now, though the page did inspire me a lot, I don’t own half the material she used there, and so I came up with my own version! 🙂


I had a sheet of paper, too thick for regular applications and too thin for card making – and for this page, I wanted something with the exact same thickness! What luck! 🙂 So, I outlined and fuzzy cut out the mounds, the trees and the branches and also random-sized squares and rectangles from this paper.


I then started adding various distress inks on these – there are too many I’ve used, so I am not listing them – the shades are pretty obvious though 😉 I then used a few stamps on them, mostly used other distress inks for stamping. The stamps I used are – Pinstripes from MFT, Chevron from Heidi Swapp, Stitched Circles and Victorian Tile from JustRite and Pattern Stripes from Hero Arts.


I then colored the branches using oil pastels. I then adhered all the pieces and added shading to the trees and the mounds using oil pastels again. I used a tiny scraper to scrape and blend the oil pastels, which also helped in better shading.

And that finished my page for my journal! Thanks for looking! 🙂

The Cat’s Shadow

Today, I tried experimenting with my brayer. I had seen a card recently, and I wanted to see whether I could reproduce the effects.

…I failed miserably! 😦 Unfortunately for me, the brayer I own is not exactly leveled – the ends are raised and when I roll it on any color, only the edges pick it up, and when I try applying it, its becomes a nightmare!! Well, something which doesn’t work the right way can make its own good effects, although completely unintended! This is how I came to today’s art –


The colors in the background were colored using orange and purple acrylic paints on my brayer. Although this background wouldn’t work well for what I had in mind, I changed tracks and made something which would suite the background instead! 😛 Why waste a masterpiece, right! 😉


I drew the cat using a pencil and colored it with black Copic marker. The tail came out a little thicker than what was in the reference picture…but, well, its ok. I am not aiming to sell my cat art! 😉

By the way, the cat I’ve drawn is picked up from this pin from Pinterest.

hoppip: David Meowie II | Must be printed

That’s it! Simple, barely took half an hour!

Thanks for stopping by!