#848 – Inspiration Station Challenge 07

Hello and welcome! Finally, after a long delay, we are up with the next edition of the Inspiration Station Challenge!

Inspiration Station Challenge Logo

This time, it was my turn to choose the topic, and I chose two patterns; the challenge being getting inspired by one of them –


The source, via Pinterest: for the pink one here, and the grey one here.

And here’s what I made for this challenge –

Inspiration Station Challenge #7

I wanted a penstand to store my new soft bristle brushes for crafting. This seemed like the opportune time to make it. πŸ™‚ I used a packaging cardboard, which was already cylindrical, adhered a cardboard base, covered the while thing with kitchen paper, then white gesso.

Inspiration Station Challenge #7 - View 2

I then added some texture paste via CrafTreat Arabic Pattern stencil. I then cut out some diecuts and got some moulds from MFT, Spellbinders and Prima to stick on. I also added a few art stones here and there. Finally, I colored it with some greyΒ  and black acrylic paints and then used Prima wax for some shine.

Inspiration Station Challenge #7 - Closeup

My sister has created a mini book. That tiny thing is adorable and also so well made! I totally loved it!! Check it out here.

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#775 – Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Art

Hello and welcome! Since my card making wasn’t going well lately, I thought a change of pace might be good – perfect time to try some mixed media!

I have been thinking of making this project since last year – a wall art with Ganapathi – using mixed media. And though I had gathered all the necessary materials, I never got down to actually working on it until last week – well over 7 or more months of stalling!! πŸ˜‰ But here it is, finally –

Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Hanging

Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Hanging (closeup 2)

The focal point, the Ganapathi are from CrafTangles Ganesha stencil. Mostly used other stencils, along with embossing paste, along with a few other elements like paste mixed with sawdust, stringed pearl, flowers, broken wooden buttons, a strip of aida cloth (that’s used for cross stitching), art stones and molds made from paper clay. Finally everything got a coat of black gesso. I then added colors in shades of blue and dark green, along with gold here and there – all acrylic paints.

Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Hanging (closeup 3)

Mixed Media Ganapathi Wall Hanging (closeup 1)

This is one of two wall arts that I wanted to make. The other one also has a focal Ganapathi, though with a different design. It is still in the planning stage and I plan to make it using different color and hopefully different media too. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it soon and put up the pair for my visial delight very soon! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for stopping by! πŸ™‚

#676 – Mixed Media Bangle Box

Hello! Couple of months ago, the mixed media bug bit me, and I started craving for some projects I could make. The need for a bangle box came because of this itch! πŸ˜€

I am still a total amateur in mixed media, but i am pretty happy with how this one turned out. I made this bangle box, completely from scratch. Since I wanted the box to be of a specific dimension, and I didn’t have any box of the desired size at hand, I used some cardboard pieces that come from packaging, to create the box.

Bangle Box

I used tissue paper for the base – absolutely loved the texture it provides, and how easy it made the colors spread and blend! I also used stencil and acrylic paints for more texture and coloring.

Bangle Box

Bangle Box

The flowers are both store brought and handmade. I even used my sisters seed beads and scrap polymer clay pieces on this project! That strip of brown lace is something I have with me from such a long time ago – I had wanted to use it in some sewing project, but it has ended up here! πŸ˜€

Bangle Box

Bangle Box

Since I wanted the project to be as flat as possible, I didn’t use too many pieces that would give dimension. It’s now just perfect to store all my bangles, till the time comes to wear some of them! πŸ™‚

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#646 – Mixed Media Box

Hello! No card this time.. its time for some ‘etc.’! πŸ˜‰

Mixed Media Box

I had made this mixed media box some time ago.. high time I posted about it! I used a simple cardboard box which came as a container for some mail as a base, covered it with some thick paper, applied gesso, then used all those media…

Mixed Media Box

I first used Time Holtz Lace stencil with some embossing paste, both on the top and the sides. I then started adding all my little pieces and flowers. The two main pieces (they are starting to look like drawer handles to me now!! :D) are moulded using Prima Markting Moulds Object Labels 1 and Escutcheon 2 and Prima Paper Clay. I painted these using acrylics, then adhered them using 3d Matte Gel. I then added all the flowers and the pearls and stones around it. I also added some Art Stones.

Mixed Media Box

I then used Color Bloom Spray, misting it with water, spreading it using a brush, until I was satisfied with the look. I then applied some Nuvo Mousse and some gold paint, where I wanted a things a bit shinier.

Mixed Media Box

Submitting my creation to Happy Little Stampers Mixed Media Challenge: July and Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Get In Shape

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