Quick Look At My Last 20 Posts

#798 – Bunny Thanks

Bunny Thanks

#797 – Alcohol Ink – Ink Lifting

Hello Beautiful - Full Alcohol Ink Background

#796 – The Hedgehogs Say…

Hedgehogs Say...

#795 – Floral Die Cuts

Floral die cuts

#794 – Stamped Floral Background

Stamped Floral Background

#793 – A Leafy Mandala

A Leafy Mandala

#792 – Stamping on Alcohol Inked Background

Hello Beautiful - Partial Alcohol Ink Background

#791 – Alcohol Ink Rainbow

Its Your Birthday

#790 – You Are Amazing

You Are Amazing

#789 – A Visual Triangle

Happy Wedding Day

#788 – Distress Oxide Inks on Kraft

DOX on Kraft + Turnabout Stencil

#787 – Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes

#786 -Background Making with Small Stamps

Thank You

#785 – You Make Everything Better

You Make Everything Better

#784 – Happy Birthday Papa!

Birthday Wishes

#783 – In Focus!

I Miss Your Face

#782 – You Are Loved

You Are Loved

#781 – Experimenting with Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Ink Background 3
#780 – Alcohol Ink Background

Bright, Brilliant Birthday Wishes


One thought on “Quick Look At My Last 20 Posts

  1. Bonjour,

    Merci pour ce beau commentaire qui me va droit au cœur.
    Effectivement quand je me suis inscrite j’étais à cinq défis puis j’ai rajouté un autre challenge.
    Je n’ai plus pensé que STB n’acceptait que 4 autres défis.
    Tant pis pour moi qui n’ait pas suivi la règle.

    A bientôt quand même.
    Maryann Scrapbooking

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