#767 – A Handbag Experience

Hello and welcome! I have something other than a card today – a handbag! This is the second handbag I’ve made – stitching them is still an ongoing experiment.


I didn’t use any pattern or tutorial on this one – it is completely self taught and self thought! That’s the only thing I am happy about. That being said, I must admit it became crazy difficult in the end. I wanted the bag to look as professional as possible, taking my amateur talent into consideration. I did try stitching straight, but the results are so apparent – in fact, the only place where the stitching is straight is where the machine did the job without me leading the cloth!! 😀 😉


Though I had more or less planned the entire thing, I still ended up lost in the end – I had to spend a lot of time thinking of how to finish it. And because of my lack of experience, the width of the base and sides, which I thought would be enough, turned out not to be so, and the bag ended up thinner than I would have liked – almost half the size, in fact! I even ended up breaking the needle, since I was trying to stitch through 4 layers of thick cloth…not a good idea, I knew, but I didn’t have any other way..

Anyway, the bag isn’t exactly as bad as I thought. And I think I’ve learned a few things from the whole experience too. Hopefully, the next one will turn out better! 🙂

Thank you very much for stopping by! 🙂


#742 – A Tote Bag

Hello! Its been quite some time since I posted about something other than cards. Today, I am posting about my humble attempt at creating a tote bag.

I love stitching, as much as I love making cards. But I seldom find anything to stitch! Purses are something that I can make and enjoy using too, so they seem to be the best choice. I have made a couple of purses earlier, but they were made of cloth without any interfacing, so they haven’t come out that well. I used to love the designs and the cloth, but lament how they never would look like purses, and look totally lame.

Tote Bag

But now, I finally got my hands on some interfacing, and tried to make a simple tote bag. It was also my first time adding a zipper, so I was pretty excited about it. Since my stitching is also not that great, I had to stitch pretty slowly to get the lines straight…but they are still wonky in some places. 😛

Tote Bag

But I am pretty happy with this project. It has given me confidence to try out some more, and since I have a few more pieces of cloth, and my sister, who also wants to join in with lots of wonderful ideas of her own, I hope to make a few more projects in the future! 🙂

I am joining the Simon Says Stamp National Craft Month with this project

Thank you very much for stopping by!

#650 – MFT Color And Sketch Challenges

Hello! Made these two cards to join the MFT Challenges.

You Are Loved

The first card is for the MFT Sketch Challenge #344.I watercolored the birds and the birdhouses using Zig brush markers. The rest of the supplies are listed below –

My Favorite Things Things With Wings
My Favorite Things Love & Adore You
My Favorite Things Ewe Are The Best (sentiment)
My Favorite Things Stitched Scallop Mini Rectangles

Sketch Challenge 344 #mftstamps

My second card is for the MFT Color Challenge #74. I guess I sort of got inspired by the beautiful dark colors – I rarely make cards with the stencil background being the only focus, but I absolutely loved this one! 🙂


I used distress inks for blending and clear rhinestones for embellishing. Other than that I used

My Favorite Things Chunky Herringbone
My Favorite Things Big Thanks
My Favorite Things Geometric Greenery (sentiment)

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

Tote Bag

Hello! Been some time since I posted something. My mojo which went missing last week is still not found. So, I’ve been whiling away the time. Meanwhile here’s something I did…I think last month. Noticed the name of my blog..ends with ‘etc’? This post here belongs to the ‘etc’ part. The other 99% of my blog posts belong to the part before the etc, which is card-making! 🙂

PurseSo, my sister and I wanted to do a joint project using our incredible, absolutely amazing fabulous talents 😉 And this is the first of what is, hopefully, many more to follow.

Crochet & Beads closeup

Time to get a bit more realistic now – I stitched this tote using my completely basic stitching knowledge (I can only stitch straight lines, and that is if you discount the 95% of the times it goes haywire! :P). My sister came up with a beautiful circular motif she crocheted. More about that on her blog post here. My job was to somehow attach it to the purse. Before starting I added the big one in the center – its actually a cheap ring I had bought, I straightened the ring and used it like a brad. And I remembered about our big stash of beads which we had bought to make some jewelery projects – and which I haven’t touched ever since (not, my sis though – she has come up with pretty amazing stuff here. I borrowed my Ma’s needle and thread and started joining the motif with the purse using the beads to tie them up, using whatever amateur stitching skills I have (trust me, I am thankful the stitches are completely covered by the beads!! :D). Thankfully, the design came out pretty good! 🙂

Now, waiting for an opportunity to use it! 🙂