#980 – New Year Wishes

Hello and welcome! As is tradition, I made New Year’s cards for my family this time as well. I wanted to make an interactive/shadow box kinda card for quite some time now, and thought this would be an opportune time for it. The technique is better described by Jennifer McGuire in this video, where I learned it from.

Anyhow, these are the cards I made –

I used a combination of stamps from different companies which worked well together. I shall list them below as well. However, the sentiment on the top of the cards are all the same, from Winnie & Walter Wishing You stamp set. I used Faber Castell Oil pastels to color all the images, and mineral oil to blend them.

For this card, I used My Favorite Things Scene Builder except for the little butterfly, which I hand drew. I used Concord & 9th Retro Petals Turnabout stencils for the background. I added the dots and lines using a grey fineliner pen and Sakura clear glitter pen.

For the inside, I used My Favorite Things Piggy Pebbles, My Favorite Things Scene Builder and Purple Onion Designs Blossoming Perch stamps.

For my second card, I used Purple Onion Designs Blooms 2, the butterfly from Waffle Flower Happy Day and the background Simon Says Stamp Botanical Split. I went over the flowers with a red pencil from Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, then highlighted some areas with a grey fineliner pen, then the flower centers with the glitter pen.

Within the card, I used My Favorite Things Friendly Foxes, Purple Onion Designs Blooms 2 and Birch Tree Background, butterflies from Waffle Flower Happy Day.

For the last card, I used stamps from My Favorite Things Gill Friends and Waffle Flower Mermaid Mail stamps, pairing it with bubbles from Simon Says Stamp Be a Mermaid. I had to add another stamp for the bubbles since they weren’t big enough, and then I drew over them with the fineliner along with the reflected light and the little fishes.

For the inside, I paired the stamps from My Favorite Things Gill Friends and Waffle Flower Mermaid Mail stamps. For the giant sea weeds and those waves in the background, I didn’t have any stamps, so I hand drew them.

I must say, the finishing isn’t the best in all these cards, I had a hard time getting the right measurements for the supports, and then adhering them properly so that they stood up when the card was opened. It definitely wasn’t a total failure, but I felt I could do better with practice. I kept the coloring at relatively low levels, so I could concentrate on the rest of the card, so I wouldn’t feel exhausted, and I must say that was a good decision I made! 😀

But I am really happy to have tried them. They came out well and I have a good idea on how to make further cards if I want to.

I’m joining the following challenges with my cards –

Wishing every one a wonderful new year! Hope this year brings in plenty of new and happy for everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

#547 – Guest Designer at Waffle Flower

Hello! Yesterday, another post of mine as Guest Designer went up at Waffle Flower Crafts. And today, I am posting the same content (more or less) over here, in my blog. 🙂

I tried making a few cards out of Waffle Flower Crafts Doily Circle. This is a die that I really love, but haven’t made many projects out of – so I challenged myself to use this die in a variety of ways – 3 ways in fact. So here goes –

Technique 1 – Aluminum foil


Using aluminum foil might be an old techqniue, but it is new for me! 🙂 Moreover, since this is such an intricate die, I learnt a thing or two about using it as well. I used double sided, thin tape to adhere the foil.

  • I tried the technique twice – with some wider tape and then some thinner ones. I actually found the thinner ones to be helpful, since I could remove then bit by bit, adhering the die cut as I went along. It was a bit difficult to remove the backing partially, with the wider tape.
  • After adhering, if you find that it hasn’t stuck properly, or the foiling looks too wrinkled, don’t worry! Just roll it along your die cut machine, and flatten it out. It will look gorgeous! 🙂
  • If you die cut tears, don’t worry. Just stick it in the right place. When you flatten the whole piece, you won’t even see it. Same with a torn piece. If you can’t find the missing piece just save the negative pieces – you can cut it and adhere it in place. And no one will know!! 😉
  • Since the foil can be easily colored with alcohol inks, you can get make your own pretty colors to use!

Technique 2 – Cut it out


All you have to do is do some careful fussy cutting, and you get two pretty die cuts for your crafty projects! 🙂


You could trim the inner piece further and get flowers of 3 sizes to use in a project – an idea can be to color them in different or ombre colors and stack them, for a pretty look.

Technique 3 – Backgrounds using Gesso and Paints


For my last technique, I die cut two pieces of the die cut, then used gesso to place and adhere the pieces on a card panel. Once this dried, I used some acrylic paint to add some color and splatters, and used this as a base to make my card. I the cut out the flowers and sentiment and adhered these on the card.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

#543 – Waffle Flower Guest Designer!!

Hello everyone! I am over Waffle Flower Crafts as a Guest Designer! I had won the August Waffle Flower Challenge with this card and was kindly invited to Guest Design! Yippie!!!

I have a couple of cards with the cute animals from Monochrome stamp –


I’ve used some custom made background paired with some pattern paper from Best of Heidi Swapp for these two cards. For the patterned background I created, I chose the smallest stamps from Waffle Flower Crafts I could find in my stash (I’ve used stamps from Monochrome, A Bunch, Congrats and Lacy Flower) and chose a series of at least 6-8 colors for each card and stamped them on two card panels.


Once I was done, I also stamped the cute animals, the speech bubbles + sentiments, and then fussy cut them all. I also added a piece of torn vellum for the card with the mice, since the critters themselves are too small to draw focus on them..and the vellum would soften the background and draw the line of sight.


Finally, I covered the card base with pattern paper, and then adhered my stamped panels on them before foam mounting the critters and the sentiments, along with some wood veneer embellishments.


Did you notice that the cards can easily be changed into masculine or feminine cards, based on the colors – for example, the mice card could be made to a Dad card, using the blues and greens instead of the pinks and reds! So easy!! 🙂


Thanks for having me over, Waffle Flower Crafts!! 🙂 I really had fun making these cards!!