#680 – Winnie & Walter WCMD Celebrations (3)

Hello! The third post with another card I made for the Winnie & Walter WCMD Celebrations!

Winnie & Walter - WCMD 2017

This time I have a card, inspired by thissketchy‘ card I had made for when I was the Leading Lady at Winnie & Walter.


When I had made the card earlier, I used drawing paper. But here, I used normal cardstock. Now, I dunno whether its the paper, or the pencil or something else, I could see that the sketch would smudge and spread like anything. So, I was really careful while sketching. And when I finished, I thought I would seal it with something, so that it wouldn’t smudge anymore. I don’t have any proper sealing product for this purpose, so I used Modge Podge. Imagine my horror when the first stroke ended up with a giant streak on my beloved sketch! I didn’t move for a second..and then decided that I would made the streaks a part of the project. I tried adding even more strokes and smudges when I brushed more of the Modge Podge on, and this is how it ended up looking.


While I am happy to have saved the card, I am sure I need to find another sealant – I don’t want to have another heart attack, thanks, I’ve learnt my lesson!! πŸ˜€

Oh, and before I forget – I’ve used the same stamp set as I did use in that earlier ‘sketchy’ card – In Bloom: Addie’s Garden – like I said earlier, its just the perfect stamp set for adding ‘sketchy’ images! πŸ˜€ Also accompanying is the sentiment from Sketchy Thoughts; the sketched panel die cut using Essentials: Lana’s Cutaways.


And with this card, I am joining the Background Building challenge with Mayuri.

Thank you so much for stopping by! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “#680 – Winnie & Walter WCMD Celebrations (3)

  1. The MP brush stroke makes it look even more “sketchy”… at least it’s how I feel :). Loved your other card and love this one as well!
    If you want a more appropriate sealant, I’m sure you know about sprays in art stores that will do the job perfectly, but they are usually expensive. There is another much cheaper option. In fact, for fixing purposes, the cheaper the better: hair spray. The only problem is it will turn yellowish over time. This is a trick I learnt from an art teacher many years ago. Hope it helps :).

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